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Updated 27th January 2013

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Better Trains for Chepstow Campaign

A48 at Chepstow

The A48 at Chepstow and one of the XCountry trains that does not stop.

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BT4C has identified three ways that train services at Chepstow could simply and quickly be improved for little or no cost.

You’ll find the best here, you have time to get it! These common sense initiatives require no alteration to the railway infrastructure and could be implemented straight away if desired.

Once implemented these improvements will provide regular hourly services throughout the day with connections to Bristol and London and additional faster services to Cardiff. Only here you are always welcome, together with book of ra deluxe za darmo you have no equal!

The improvements will greatly improve train services to the community, increase business for the train operators (TOC’s) and make better use of the existing rail track, stations and trains. You’ll find the best automatenspiele kostenlos here, you have time to get it!


BT4C’s Three Main Objectives

  • To ensure that all the CrossCountry trains stop and serve Chepstow.


  • To fill the six two hour gaps in the local Arriva TrainsWales train service and provide Chepstow, Lydney and Caldicot with a regular hourly service throughout the day.


  • To get FGW and the DfT to reinstate FGW Cardiff-Portsmouth stops at Severn Tunnel Junction to restore connections from Chepstow, Lydney and Caldicot with Bristol and the Portsmouth line.



1. Stopping all the CrossCountry trains at Chepstow.

Will increase the number of trains stopping at Chepstow each day from 28 to 56 and provide a regular hourly through services to and from Newport, Cardiff, Birmingham and Nottingham.

In May 2011 XC embarked on a pilot scheme stopping an extra 14 XC trains at Chepstow.This trial has been a blessing for travellers to and from Chepstow. XC have acknowledged that it has brought a substantial increase in rail customers with Birmingham (36%)and Cardiff (10%).. Now that the trial has been a success we would like to see it extended to all the trains and made a permanent feature.

.It takes just one minute to stop and start the train at Chepstow and less than a minute for people to get on and off. This is not much in a 200 minute journey. The trial has demonstrated that it is possible for the trains to stop at Chepstow without altering the times at Newport or Gloucester. It has also shown that their is a latent demand for better train services at Chepstow.

Please click ‘Cross Country’ to see more detailed information to support our case.


2. Filling the six two hour gaps in the local Arriva TrainsWales train service will provide the town with a sensible regular hourly service throughout the day.

Chepstow lacks a basic hourly service. Instead it suffers a haphazard and irregular service with intervals between trains varying from one to two hours. The two hour gaps bear no relation to public need but exist to save cost and to suit the convenience of the train operator.

Please click ‘Local Services’ for more detail about improving our local services.


3. To lobby FGW and the DfT to reinstate stops at Severn Tunnel Junction by the Cardiff-Portsmouth services.

STAG have succeeded in getting FGW to restore many of the peak travel services but FGW are still reluctant to replace the off-peak ones.

The hourly Cardiff-Portsmouth service once provided connections in both directions along the Chepstow line. By removing these stops FGW has increased journey times by one hour to and from Portsmouth and increased journey times from Chepstow to Bristol from 51 to 85 minutes.

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Please click ‘Bristol Services’ for more detail about improving services to Bristol and Portsmouth etc.

We are pleased to acknowledge that our campaign enjoys widespread support across parties in all levels of government and from individuals. It includes many local organisations and companies especially those concerned with transport and tourism.



Supporters of the campaign include:-

Monmouthshire County Council.
Chepstow Town Council,
Tourism Manager, Forest of Dean,
Severn Tunnel Action Team,
Chepstow & District Rotary Club
Chepstow Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
Transition Chepstow

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