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Updated 27th January 2013


Chepstow Station Entrance

More car parking space is needed.

Car parking space at Chepstow is inadequate the 50-60 spaces are all occupied by 8.30 or 9.00am on weekdays.This shortage limits the number of passengers that use the station.

  The redundant sidings site on the downside of the station, with road access under the bridge, has potential for parking for about 100 cars and we have suggested that Network Rail allocates that space for parking.

Also needed :-

Access to the downside platform for passengers that cannot negotiate the wooden bridge and those with prams and wheelchairs.

A modern passenger information system with visual signs providing up to the minute train and travel information for passengers has now been provided.

Toilet facilities.

CCTV security.

Cycle and cycle storage facilities.

Connecting public transport to and from the station. Mon CC have since May 2011 been considering the possibility of bringing the No.69 service from Monmouth and Tintern down to the station. Turning the bus is an issue.

Maps,signs and notices to assist and inform visitors.

A larger waiting shelter on the down platform and more seating on the station.


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