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Updated 27th January 2013

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Better Trains for Chepstow Team

Awarded GAVO 2012 Award for its Volunteering Achievement.

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The photo shows Sue Parker (centre), Monmouthshire Greenweb,

presenting the certificate to BT4C’s

Jim Jenkins (right) and Phil Inskip (left)

.Click Here to view BT4C’s note of appreciation for the help leading to this award.

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CPW XC 081011Racegoers leave XC train from Cardiff at 12.18. 8th Oct 2011,

Passengers Waiting to Board XC train at Chepstow 2011,

More Trains for Chepstow

CrossCountry confirm the trial started in May 2011 is a great success.

The 14 extra XC trains will continue to stop at Chepstow in 2013.

Following a year-long assessment of providing 14 additional calls of CrossCountry services at Chepstow we are delighted to have confirmation from XC that the trial had been successful. Richard Gibson, Head of Communications at CrossCountry informed BT4C that the trial achieved the objective of increased passenger journeys on the five routes monitored.

The percentage increase of journeys between May 2011 and May 2012 to/from Chepstow were:-

Birmingham +36%,

Cardiff +9%, Newport +10%, Cheltenham Spa +10%,

Gloucester +5%

Mr Gibson acknowledged that the most significant growth was in journeys to/from Birmingham and paid tribute to publicity in Birmingham last summer involving Chepstow Marketing, Chepstow Town Council, STAG and BT4C.

He confirmed that it was intended to continue with the extra services in the 2013 timetable.

Passengers to and from Chepstow can therefore look forward to another year of extra trains with faster services to and from Cardiff, Newport, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Birmingham.

At the request of BT4C XC looked in detail at the possibility of further stops at Chepstow, including the 07.45 and 08.45 departures from Cardiff but regretted they were unable to find a positive solution. We remain hopeful that the success of this experiment will eventually lead to Chepstow having peak coverage regular services throughout the day.

FGW Train

The Great Western Franchise expires in March 2013 and a new contract to commence in April 2013.

Although Chepstow is not directly served by FGW trains Chepstow, Caldicot and Lydney have suffered a loss of train services to and from Bristol, Filton and Portsmouth since April 2006.

This was the result of the DfT failing to specify that Cardiff/Portsmouth trains stop at Severn Tunnel Junction in the contract he awarded FirstGroup in 2006.

We have therefore appealed to the DfT to correct this omission in their new contract.

Click Here to see BT4C’s GW Consultation Response 2012

Chepstow Brochure

CHEPSTOW BROCHURE:- To see the Chepstow Brochure and to download a pdf click here.


ATW May 2012 Timetable change. – BT4C Consultation Response.

In a letter dated the 21st March 2012 we were asked by Arriva TrainsWales to comment on proposed timetable changes due to come into effect on the 14th May 2012. These proposals adversely affected Chepstow, Lydney and Caldicot and worsened our local ATW services.

The urgency in eroding our impoverished service has of course taken place despite our representations and the speed of its implementation is in stark contrast with the delay and lack of progress of the much needed regular hourly service proposed in Sewta’s 2008 Regional Transport Plan.

Since the operation of these local ATW services are delegated to the Welsh Assembly we urge those of you affected by these changes to contact your Assembly Member.

Click here to see BT4C ATW May 2012 Timetable Response


This is not the first time we have had our ATW services worsened see below.

To see BT4C’s brochure click:- BT4C’s latest brochure.

A Reminder — Worse Trains for Chepstow 2009.

Arriva Trains Wales cut train services affecting Chepstow, Lydney and Caldicot from Monday 14th December 2009.

BT4C wrote to the Transport Minister and the Deputy First Minister WAG proposing that the alterations should be postponed until better arrangements could be made.

The cuts took place but WAG have assured us that they are having discussions with the DfT in order to identify options to improve services.

Click “Worse Trains for Chepstow” to see the text of our protest.

South Wales Argus. Press Report:- Call_to_use_Chepstow_s_new_rail_services/

CHEPSTOW TIMETABLES:Click here to see Chepstow Train Services updated from 14th May 2012

DETAILED EXPLANATION:Click “Why Arriva CrossCountry could call at Chepstow”

LETTER TO TRANSPORT SECRETARY:- Click here to see BT4C Letter to Philip Hammond MP, July 2010.

Sewta Draft Regional Transport Plan July 2008.

Contained a proposal to upgrade the Arriva TW Chepstow Line service to hourly in 2010 and to half hourly in 2014 that BT4C supported.
It was hoped that these improvements would be endorsed and authorised by WAG but it is now more than 4 years since the Draft Regional Transport Plan was produced in July 2008 but the National Transport Plan (NTP) published in July 2009 made no reference to the service improvement and in 2012 we seem no nearer to getting a regular hourly service..


BT4C Paper on Sustainable Tourism.

BT4C proposed that stopping AXC trains at Chepstow would greatly benefit business and tourism in the Wye Valley and was a measure that could quickly and cheaply promote sustainable tourism.

Click “BT4C Sustainable Tourism and Transport Response”

BT4C Logo

Pssenger Survey at Chepstow Station.

5th July 2010.

The tremendous response to our questionnaire has provided a good insight of what passengers seek.

Top priorities:- A regular service and no gaps, more car parking, fast trains to Cardiff, improved safety and security at the station.

Click here to see the full
BT4C 2010 Survey

BT4C Survey Figure 4


For Previous Reports click one of the following:- BT4C 2009 Survey , BT4C 2008 Survey.

Passenger Concerns Graph

A Lost Opportunity.

Newport Area Resignalling.
Track Alterations at
Severn Tunnel Junction. December 2009.

The Newport Area Resignalling Scheme (NARS) brought improvements at Severn Tunnel Junction, most importantly the reinstatement of platform 4. However it is hard to understand why the redundant Bishton Flyover nearly halfway between Newport and Severn Tunnel Junction was not removed by Network Rail as this could have brought much greater long term benefits.

The removal of the flyover, as the attached sketches show, would allow the main and relief lines to remain continuous and parallel throughout the 10 miles between Newport and Severn Tunnel and increase the speed and capacity of the four running lines. This parallel running, cutting out the criss-crossing of routes and the sharing of paths at Severn Tunnel Junction, would have enabled line speeds to be increased, improved timetabling and reliability of services through this important point of entry to Wales.


Bishton Retained

A Lost Opportunity.

Network Rail’s Wales Route Utilisation Strategy (RUS) overlooked the possible advantages arising from the removal of Bishton Flyover structure.

The possibility of simplifying the track layout and increasing the speed of the lines at this important point of entry into Wales appears not to have noticed in Network Rail’s excercise to examine route utilisation. I can find any reference to it.



Click here for list of advantages for removing Bishton flyover and re-designating the running lines as proposed.

Bishton Removed


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